More Money, More Sapo

The last few weeks have been a grind at work. On the reverse side I guess I would be complaining if I was out of work. But as the title implies i need to work for “More Money” just to spend it on “More Sapo”!!!


As a quick up date on the gaming front. Last week was cancelled so not games where played but today Sapo time is scheduled at 5:00pm.


Below is the schedule:


Toni “T-Pain” vs. Ethan “Big E”

Sean “Blade Eagle” vs Christopher “Pimp C”

Mimi “Mimi” vs Antoniette “4 Foot Assassin”


Sapobowl Sunday

Tomorrow I will be hosting my first Sapobowl Sunday Party! Ever since football season ending a few months ago I’ve been looking for a new outlet. And with all the talks about Peyton Manning this week football is back on my brain. Hence the creation of Sapobowl Sunday.

Please stay tune for updates, game stats and the awarding of the MVSP (Most Valuable Sapo Player) Trophy.



Going All In


Tonight it’s time to make some coins or rather toss coins. We will be making two changes to the format. The first change will moving to a team format. Instead of 1 on 1 matches we will be playing in teams of 3. The next change will be the addition of what I’d like to call “monetary compensation for wins”. Due to the State of Florida gaming regulations this is not gambling LOL.

I’m still working out the details but I think we will use some kind of “buy-in” approach like playing poker with multiple “buy-in” Stakes Of Moneyas longs as your team wants to play. After buy-in the game would be played in rounds as normal the only difference would be that the winning team for each round would be awarding money from the “game pot” just as in each hand of poker.


As you can tell I’ve put a lot of though into this as well as spent a lot of hours that I should be working. But hey as soon a turn PRO all this will be worth it.





Flip a coin, See what happens

This week’s Sapo Night was better then last. However I’m said to report that I am no longer undefeated champion. Despite a 4000 point lead after the first round I could not hold off the assault from my (former) best friend Jerry.


His coin tossing skills could not be matched.So he now holds the SAPO Championship Belt. So to honor him I’ve insert this picture of his favorite MMA fighter, BJ Penn, in case you wonder why???


It’s still up to debate if my drinking made me worst or his drinking made him better!


All I know is 5 days and counting until my re-match.

Sapo Score Card

The Sapo Score card is now here!!!!


Two versions PDF and Excel (below):

Sapo ScoreCard (PDF)

Sapo ScoreCard (XLS)


I created this today in preparation for my game night on Tuesday. Feel free to download and use.

Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or things I should add or take off =)



It’s Sapo Game Time!!!

This is the “Official” Sapo Game fan page. Every Tuesday I have Sapo Night at my house and all my friends are hooked. I’m proud to report that I’m UNDEFEATED!!! Yes my record is only 2 – 0 but its still counts.